About Our Shop


Chibi Yeti is a two-member art team based out of a tiny studio in Bellingham, Washington. We screen print, illustrate, make fabric art, and experiment.  We're also big nerds. Our goal: combining our different skillsets to make the most amazing, strange, and beautiful new things that we can.


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The Yeti lurks in the remote mountains of the Northwest, eating only shoots and leaves. She draws, likes weird cartoons and snarky humor, and is roughly 70% hair.



The Chibi was discovered by a suburban couple living at the confluence of the Snohomish River and Puget Sound who cracked open an egg to discover than instead of delicious yolk, it was filled with a baby tentacle monster. Being kindly folks, they moved her to a small glass cup and raised her in the kitchen, occasionally feeding her scraps of bacon and reading to her from classic literature.

As she grew, Chibi developed a habit of sneaking out of her bowl and an unerring ability to discover and consume trashy romance novels. Upon reaching adolescence, Chibi had outgrown her bowl, and instead lurked in the downstairs bathtub, demanding offerings of yaoi and gay romance novels to appease her.

One night, after a drunken fanfic and Boone's Farm binge, Chibi wandered outside to curse fandom and shake her tentacles at the sky and was accidentally caught in a freak storm which carried her off into the dark night. She woke up on a beach in Japan; where after some initial confusion she was welcomed with open arms by their pornography industry.

However, her lucrative career was cut short by a contract dispute, and she swam back to the NW in disgruntlement after two short years. Currently she now has her own Pacific Northwest bathtub and spends her time with various hobbies, including: teaching other otaku about the joys of yaoi, reading books, lurking on AO3, and watching far too many horror movies.